Guide to the My-B&B Admin Panel

Members of the B&B Network and the Worldwide B&B Booking Service have access to the MY-BNB admin panel to setup their room rates and manage their online presence


The admin panel is a set of web management tools unique to the B&B Network Members & B&B Owners featured on the B&B Booking Service (Book a B&B). It is a secure website where B&Bs can logon, monitor their online presence and bookings/enquiries.


Making Life Easier

Due to our observations of usage, the feedback from B&Bs and the necessary changes to the booking system, the B&Bs' admin panel receives regular updates to fulfil the needs of B&B Owners.

The web address is easy to remember - just type into your browser for the login page. is hosted on a certified secure server & all data sent between your computer and the admin panel is fully encrypted, protecting your guests data and providing you with the highest level of security. The server is also fully PCI compliant allowing us to handle credit card data on your behalf.

By using the booking management facilities & responses in you are also you are also updating the Guests Booking Status Page on automatically.


Your Home Page

Home Page: You will notice after login is that the layout is simpler, cleaner and with easier navigation buttons. The new home page shows:-

  • The latest news article from the B&Bs' newsletter
  • Number of bookings or enquiries that need attention
  • Your latest guest reviews, comments and feedback
  • Your web visitors, bookings and enquiry statistics
  • Current room rates, last minute deals & special offers

The NEWS SECTION is where we keep you up to date with announcements, changes and news. Please make sure you read this regularly - we don't want you to miss anything. Important news is also sent by email in regular newsletters.

  • Rooms & Rates
  • Save Room Descriptions - Alternative Descriptions - Set up room for 2 night stay
  • Save Seasonal Rates - If a seasonal rate is not entered then there is automatic fall back to Base Room Rates
  • Last Minute Deals - For selling those empty rooms 15 days hence - All Last Minute deals are automatically sysdicated to our Red Dot Deals websites and also appear on the top of any webpage featuring your town or region - 5 minutes work can increase your internet presence 10 fold.
  • Special Offers - Associate these offers with local festivals, sports events, concerts
  • Managing Bookings
  • Never type an email again: Standard email responses can be amended to suit your own business or personality - guests data is automatically inserted so they can be used many times over without the need for typing. Responses require just one click CONFIRM or DECLINE - this updates the booking system, sends the guest an email and updates their online booking status page.
  • Those with a STRIPE account can take payment (deposit, full amount or balance) with one click at any time - No Credit Card details needed. On the DEPARTURES PAGE a guests payment.

Booking Engines

Members can now avail of TWO booking systems.
  1. Display Rates - Confirm Availability Manually
  2. Display Room Availability with Rates - Automatic Confirmation

Option 1 Display Rates Only

  • Simple to use
  • Easy to set up
  • Text Notification
  • Allows personal responses
  • Displays Totals
  • Collects Credit Card info
  • Does not show availability
  • Requires Confirmation
  • Email notification unreliable
  • Frustrates guests if declined or ignored
  • High cost 3rd party bookings overide

This has been our main booking engine for the past 10 years or so. It has served us well and will continue to do so. It has some advantages and a few short comings. With the dominance of 3rd party booking & OTAs guests like to see availability and although this booking system provides commission free or low commission bookings it does not compete well for business.

Option 2 Rooms - Rates - Availability (Guests View)

booking Engine with Availability
  • Easy to set up and use
  • Bookings auto-confirmed
  • Allows for single or under occupancy
  • Option for Auto discount on last minute deals
  • Collects Credit Card info
  • Remove availability of 3rd party bookings
  • Personalise Automatic email responses
  • Does require 3rd party bookings to be entered
  • Requires Confirmation
  • Email notification unreliable
  • Frustrates guests if declined or ignored
  • High cost 3rd party bookings overide

This new booking engine has been designed from the ground up and it has many features that unique to the requirements of B&B Owners.