How to Manage Bookings & Enquiries

This booking process is designed specifically for B&Bs, Inns and Guesthouses. It is secure and easy to use, most operations requiring a single click of the mouse.

Bookings Overview (Amended Feb 2014)

IMPORTANT! All bookings must be handled using this Admin Panel to ensure that the guests Booking Status Page is automatically updated. The Booking Status Page is to help overcome the problems caused by free email services such as Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, AOL, Comcast, Roadrunner etc. Because around 95% of all emails are SPAM these free services tend to have over zealous spam filters and we have many reports of undelivered mail both to B&B owners and Guests accounts. Guests can always access their Booking Status Page using their email address and booking reference number. In the event they forget their password, there is a facility to send a record of ALL their bookings to their email address.

NOTE! The booking system automatically declines any bookings not responded within 4 days to allow the guest to re-book elsewhere.

Email Responses: (Amended Feb 2014) It is essential that you check the standard email responses in your admin panel and amend them, if necessary, to suit your own business. These emails allow you to confirm or decline a booking with one or two clicks - saving you precious time.

IMPORTANT UPDATE! The Booking Section of MY B&B admin panel ONLY shows FIRM BOOKINGS even for those B&B that do not accept credit cards or have selected cash only in their website options.
All bookings can be CONFIRMED or DECLINED with the 'one click' system as outlined in this tutorial.

Email enquiries (from the form on your webpage or website) will be sent directly to your email address. We do not record Enquiries and they are not available in the MY B&B admin panel. Current Trend: Less than 1% of guests make enquiries these days and given the choice, they appear to prefer making a FIRM BOOKING using their credit card.

Bookings Layout (Amended Feb 2014)

The booking list initially displays Todays Arrivals & Departures - This allows you to charge for "No Shows" and list guests departing and the amount they owe. Those with a STRIPE account can take payment for these with one click.


Booking Reference Numbers Indicate the source

Bookings can originate from B&B Network websites, members websites or the Worldwide Booking Service (Book a B&B).

Bookings made on B&B Network members websites are commission free and the booking reference number starts with BNB

Bookings made on or originating from the growing number of websites of the Worldwide Booking Service and 'Book a B&B' have a reference number beginning BAB. A booking fee is taken for all bookings from this source. For B&B Network Members this currently fixed at €5 and is not deducted from the amount due to the B&B.

All other B&Bs should view the booking fee as commission payable.

All booking fees are taken at the time of booking and are automatically refunded when a booking is declined



When you CONFIRM or DECLINE a booking an email response is sent immediately to the guest with no further action on your part. However, you can tailor these emails to suit your own style or personality in the Marketing Tools Section >> Email Responses. In the same section look out for the toggle switch (see right) that allows you to make minor amendments to the email before sending

New Bookings


Click on any booking and the following Pop window will appear....... Simply CONFIRM or DECLINE the booking - This automatically updates the Guests booking status page, sends them a confirmation email, adds the booking to your "Confirmed List" and updates the booking communications file. If you DECLINE the booking any booking fees paid by the guest are automatically refunded - it also prompts you to update your Availability Calendar.

confirm booking

All Bookings Tab

Clicking on 'All Bookings' reveals a complete list showing the status of each booking

  • New Bookings: Are coloured RED and marked with a RED STAR newbooking
  • Confirmed Bookings: Are coloured GREEN and marked with a GREEN tick confirmed
  • Cancelled Bookings: When a guest cancels a booking you are informed by email and the entry colour is scored through, changed to GREY and marked with a DARK RED symbol cancelled
  • Declined Bookings: Are scored through, coloured GREY and marked with a DARK RED Cross declined Booking - NOTE! The booking system automatically declines any bookings not responded within 4 days to allow the guest to re-book elsewhere.

Click on any booking and the BOOKING RECORD pops up in a new window - CLICK TO GO TO NEXT TAB - 'The Booking Record'


STRIPE Payments System

The integrated STRIPE payments system is available to B&Bs in the following countries. To apply for an account takes just a few minutes from within the M& B&B admin panel - Just click the blue STRIPE button in the top menu.

  • United States
  • Canada
  • Belgium
  • Finland
  • France
  • Germany
  • Luxembourg
  • the Netherlands
  • Spain
  • United Kingdom
  • Ireland

Life is so much simpler with the STRIPE Payments System....

Allows guests to pay for their stay by credit card even if you don't take credit cards or have a merchant account.

  • No need for a merchant account or Credit Card terminal
  • Take a deposit with just ONE click
  • Take Full amount with just ONE click
  • Take Balance or Full Amount on departure with just ONE click
  • Take payment for "No Shows" with just ONE click
  • Simple ONE click refund system
  • Virtual Terminal - if you need to take payment manually
  • Money transferred to your bank account automatically at no extra charge
  • App for your iPhone or iPad to monitor and take payments