Setting up Room Rates

Displaying & amending room rates on your website is now made so mucheasier with My-B&B. Each section allows simple setup using point & click with minimul keyboard input

The Importance of Displaying Room Rates

B&Bs, Inns and Guesthouses have to fight harder than ever to capture business and it essential to display room rates that appeal to the widest possible market. Guests now have the choice to book directly with you or use one of a growing number Online Travel Agents (OTAs) that offer your rooms at "The best or guaranteed lowest price" (lowering your profit by as much as 40%).

Just ask yourself these two questions:-

  1. Why do people visit MY website ?
  2. Why do I want people to visit MY website ?
The answer is the same to both questions - "TO MAKE A BOOKING" - of course this a bit obvious but placing both room rates and simple to use booking engine right on your home page makes all the difference. Many websites don't do this, so guests take the easy option - visit a booking site and don't book direct. Quite simply, if you don't display room rates, guests will go elsewhere - MAKE LIFE EASY FOR THEM.

My BnB provides you with the tools to compete more effectively by allowing you to set up room rates that meet the wider needs of guests, no matter their socio economic group or budget. Using this facility on your own website or the directories associated with "My BnB" means you can make it easier for guests to find what they're looking for and allow them to book with the minimum of clicks and fuss.

80-90% of bookings are for a double room for 2 people - make sure you set up a double room for 1 AND 2 nights stay and display Room Rate - have in your 'shop window' what people are actually looking for!


PER PERSON or PER ROOM - How should you display room rates? The old convention for B&Bs was to show rates on a per person basis. However, people booking on the Internet need to have the maths done for them (not everyone is as bright as you) and data collected over a long period of time shows significantly greater bookings for those that display rates on a per room basis.

NOTE! The booking engine totals up the cost of a booking regardless of whether a room is price per room or per person - see picture to the right. Rooms priced per person will always be calculated as 'capacity × rate'. eg Double room €35 pp will always cost €70.

TIP! Other B&Bs in your area may not have the ability to display such a wide variety of offers - this gives your the "upper hand" so use it.

Four Ways to Display Your Rates

  1. Base Rates: These are displayed for dates when neither seasonal rates or last minute deals are setup.
  2. Seasonal Rates: Used for Long Term Strategy, these can be set up for a single day or a period
  3. Last Minute Deals: Designed for Short Term Strategy to sell rooms that are empty for 15 days hence - these are likely to be your lowest nightly rates
  4. Special Offers: Used for Medium Term Strategy to sell Midweek or Weekend Breaks, multi Night Stays etc.. Special Offers can also be used to coincide with local events, public holidays or romantic weekends. These offers can be 'value packages' or price higher for busy times / peak season.

Base Rates

As a minimum you should have base rates set up for each room or type of room you have - Guests expect to see room rates for all times of the year that you are open and these are the "safety net" in case you forget to enter Seasonal Rates each year.

Seasonal Rates

These rates automatically replace base rates for any day or period you wish. They can simply be used to display different rates for each month or season. More importantly they can be used to add higher rates for public holidays, busy periods, popular local events, festivals or concerts. Use your own experience to maximise your profits throughout the year. NOTE! You can set up each seasonal rate with a minimum stay period eg. 2 days.

Last Minute Deals

These rates again automatically replace you base rates and seasonal rates for the period of the offer. Never underestimate the power of Last Minute Offers - its often surprising what a small discount can do. When we first introduced this feature bookings surged and now represent around 20-30% of all bookings. These are always displayed at the top of your room rates on your website home page or webpage to make sure prospecting guests do not miss them. Additionally, your last minute deals are automatically syndicated and displayed at the top of the page for your town or region in many of our directories both National and Worldwide. ......and there's more - we also have special websites that display your last minute deals (and Special Offers below) - these are branded "Red Dot Deals" and we will be extending the Internet presence of this brand significantly in the future.

Special Offers

Many B&Bs like to offer "packages" at attractive rates. Your experience and marketing brain will allow you to develop any number of Special Offers to take advantage of our wider promotion of your offers. Like Last Minute Deals, these offers are syndicated across the B&B Network or the Worldwide B&B Booking Service websites - widening your Internet presence AUTOMATICALLY

Room Descriptions and Base Rates

Setting up your rooms and the base rates is now even easier. A few mouse clicks and your rooms are setup ready to display on your webpage booking engine. Setting a BASE RATE means guests will always see a room rate, even if seasonal rates are not setup or you have simply forgotten to review or update your annual rates.

The room descriptions you set up initially are used for seasonal rates, last minute deals and special offers - you can set up a room description at any time


Setting Up Room Descriptions & Base rates


You need to setup you room descriptions only once. This can be done in several ways:-

  • Number or Name Each Room
  • Room Type - Double Triple etc.
  • Room Type for Single Occupancy
  • Room Type for Mid / Weekend rate or multi night stay.

Setting up procedure

From the Rooms & Rates section of "My BnB" click the green button "Add Room Type" - a pop up box "Add a New Room" (see right) will appear. This will allow you to offer rooms with or without breakfast.

  1. Click on the Room Type Icon that matches the Bed configuration - it goes yellow when selected
  2. Breakfast is always provided by default but If Breakfast is NOT included - click the YES button and it will change to NO - 'No breakfast' will then be indicated on the displayed rates
  3. Type in a description - this can be the Room Name or Number, the type of bed (eg. Queen) or extras like sea view or with Jacuzzi
  4. Add the number of people that can occupy the room - this works with the booking system so that person booking & B&B are advised of the number of guests (can be less but never more than the number you enter)
  5. Add the total number of rooms of this type - this allows the guest to book more than one room.
  6. Finally add the base rate for the room per night - as this is the fallback rate it cannot be setup as a "per person" rate - this can only be done in the seasonal rates section.

To CHANGE a room rate: simply click on the rate you wish to change and the popup box appears - change the rate and save.

TIP! If you wish to allow Single occupancy of a double room (including double bed icon) - set up a double room to sleep one and change the description to "Double Room - Single Occupancy" - The booking engine will only allow this to be booked for ONE person.

TIP! Set up a double room for a 2 night stay and use this in your seasonal rates with the minimum stay feature.

Seasonal Room Rates (long term strategy):

You can setup seasonal rates for any day, period, season or public holidays and these rates will automatically replace your base rates for that period on your booking engine. Seasonal Rates allow you to increase your room rates at busy times or lower them in the closed season. Planning your rates for the seasons, public holidays or local events can help secure more business or be more profitable at busy times.

Adding a seasonal rate is very easy - first click the Green button "Add Seasonal Rate".

seasonal1 Step 1 - Select a room type previously setup seasonal2 Step 2 - Select a single date or period

Three Step Setup Procedure

  1. In the pop up box with all the rooms you have added previously added Click on the room type to set up the rate - it will turn yellow and automatically go to the next step
  2. Click on the first date in the period you wish to set up and then move the mouse to the last date on the period and click - you are then taken to the 3rd step
  3. Select Per Room or Per Person and then type in the nightly rate - you can also amend the minimum nights stay - click Add Rate and thats it!

You can ADD or CHANGE seasonal rates at any time and they are displayed on your website instantly.

seasonal3Step 3 - Type in the nightly rate & minimum nights stay

One you have set up your seasonal rates, a list is displayed that will look a little like the one below. To delete a seasonal rate, click in the small box to the right of the rate and click the red "Delete Selected" button. Rates that are "greyed out" are past their valid period and can safely be deleted using the procedure above.


Last Minute Deals (short term strategy):

Allows you to sell empty rooms at a discount for up to 15 days hence - this also automatically widens your Internet presence as these are also displayed & promoted on numerous B&B Network websites. The Last Minute Offers represent 20-30% of all bookings - don't miss out, it cost nothing but a little of your time to broadcast your offers and attract new business.

"An empty bed does not contribute to your profit - we provide the vehicle to display your Last Minute Deals - USE IT!"

We promote Last Minute Deals & Special Offers on all B&B Network and Worldwide B&B Booking Service websites. Apart from widening your Internet presence, regular visitors to your area & users of our directories are pretty "wised up" and will know where to look for these discounted rates.

lastmin1 Step 1 - Select from the room types previously set up lastmin2 Step 2 - Use the mouse to select up to 15 days hence

Three Step Setup Procedure

  1. In the pop up box with all the rooms you have added previously added Click on the room type to set up the last minute rate - it will turn yellow and automatically go to the next step
  2. To ensure your offer is truly Last Minute you can only set up these rates for up to 15 days hence. Click on the any date in the period you wish to set up and then move the mouse to the last date of the offer and click - you are then taken to the 3rd step
  3. Select Per Room or Per Person and then type in the nightly rate - click Add Rate and thats it!
lastmin3 Step 3 - Type in the RATE PER ROOM

An Example of Last Minute Deals as displayed on Book a B&Blastminute

Special Offers (medium term strategy)

These are used to encourage guests to stay more than one night or to make quiet periods more attractive. Typically B&Bs use these to promote midweek or weekend breaks, provide attractive accommodation packages for local events and to increase rates for very busy periods.

Like the Last Minute Deals these are syndicated across all B&B Network website and the Worldwide B&B Booking Service. They are shown at the top of searches for your town or region in our Worldwide, National & Regional Directories.

specialoffer1 Step 1 - Select a room type previously setupspecialoffer2Step 2 - Select either a single date or period specialoffer3Step 3 - Type in a caption and description

Three Step Setup Procedure

  1. In the pop up box with all the rooms you have added previously, click on the room type to set up a special offer for that room - it will turn yellow and automatically go to the next step
  2. You can make special offers available for a single day, a period, midweek or weekends only - Click on the the appropriate box in the "Available On" section. Then select the period on the calendar - Click on the first date of the period you wish to set up and then move the mouse to the last date of the offer and click - you are then taken to the 3rd step
  3. Unlike other room rates you can add a caption and a much longer description of the offer. Captions should be short and to get the attention and the description can be a much longer and displayed as a single paragraph. Type in the number of nights to which the rate applies and matches the yellow box at the top. eg. If the number of nights is set at "1" the weekend rate applies to either Friday or Saturday - if set at "2" the rate would apply to a two night stay (Fri & Sat). Finally, select if the rate is Per room or per person. The booking engine will automatically make the offers available midweek, weekend etc.

Availability Calendar

This is not an Availability Calendar in the true sense of the word - B&Bs only have a few rooms and don't need the sophistication of a hotel availability calendar - THIS CALENDAR SIMPLY SHOWS WHEN YOUR FULL OR CLOSED ie. VACANCIES or NO VACANCIES

The booking engine on your webpage or website allows guests to select the number of nights they wish to stay. Blocking off a date (Night) or period in your availability calendar helps them avoid sending bookings or enquiries for days when you are full, on holiday or simply closed.


Step 1: Click on the click on starting date and Step2 box pops up.


Step 2: Select to block just the date you selected OR a Period starting on the date selected (a box for Step 3 pops up) OR Go Back and select another starting date.


Step 3: Click on the last date and the period will be highlighted as above - Click Block Dates


Step 4: Check the dates you have set are correct


Step 4:


Dates Blocked: As seen on the booking engine.

Terms & Conditions - Cancellation Policy

Both the B&B Network and B&B Booking Service publish a standard cancellation policy on all of it's websites but you should create and save your own terms and cancelation policy. This is automatically attached to all email responses made within "My BnB" and also displayed on a guest's booking status page. It is very important for those that have the secure credit card facility, that your terms show clearly what what your cancellation policy is and what payment you will take in the event of a "no show" or cancellation.

Your Cancellation Policy: Select this and type in you own term and cancellation policy the click the blue "Save & Use this Policy" button. This will be added to the bottom of all email responses, confirmation and declines automatically plus displayed on the guests "Booking Status Page on